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Cape May Fishing Report

Date 7/29/2006 – Saturday - From Capt. Chris – Offshore Bites left the slip around 6:30 AM and stayed out until 3:40 PM. We headed to the East Lump and were trolling before 8:00 AM. We only trolled at the East Lump for a short while and then continued to troll towards the Misty Blue wreck about 6 miles from the East Lump. The water temperature was 76 at the lump, and 76.6 at the Misty Blue. About 2-3 miles off the East Lump we picked up a small Dolphin (a.k.a. Mahi Mahi, and a.k.a. Tasty) It hit on the short line, green jet head. We had another hit on the Red/White cedar plug, and we think that was another dolphin.

We stopped at the Cape May reef on the way in, and immediately started picking up short flukes, towards the southern end of the reef. We were making fairly short drifts and resetting. I finally picked up a keeper that was just over 23” and weighed in at 4.89 lbs. The water temperature at the reef was 70 degrees, and the keeper was caught on a Green Tap dancer, on the trailing hook.

Capt Dave M. went out for a Tuna trip and left at 3:30 AM on Sunday morning, hopefully we'll get a good report from him.
Dolphin and Big FLuke July 29, 2006

Date - 7/16/2006 – Sunday - From Capt Chris - The fog was not as bad this morning, we headed out of the slip at around 7:30 AM and headed to Flounder Alley in the Bay. We caught several Croakers, a few skates, and 1 short fluke. There wasn’t much of a drift. The only thing biting were the annoying little flies. We headed back to the slip a little after noon.

Date - 7/15/2006 – Saturday - From Capt Chris - The plan was to leave the docks early, but it was too foggy. We got a late start due to the fog. We fished the Delaware Bay, stopping at the Sixty Foot Slough, 16 and 19 Buoys. We didn’t catch anything all day. We did see the Party boats near the 19 Buoys. We fished from around 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

Date - 07/08-09/2006 - From Capt Chris & Capt Dave - Saturday – Capt. Chris and Jim tried trolling at the East Lump again. We trolled from 7:00 AM to about 10:30 AM. The surface temperature was 70.2 F. We didn’t catch a thing. On the way back in we stopped at the FA Buoy. Jim caught one short fluke.
Capt Dave M. and Chuck got a late start on Saturday, but made the most of it. They headed up the bay in the Miah Maul direction, and picked up 4 keeper fluke, and had 24 throw backs.
Sunday- Capt. Chris, Jim, Bill, and Bill’s Dad headed up the bay towards where Capt. Dave was the day before. We managed one keeper 16 ¾ inch fluke, and had about 5 throwbacks. We also saw a lot of schools of little snapper blues, and caught a few of them.

Date - 05/28/2006 - From Capt Chris - Sunday we left the slip around 8:00 AM and headed for Skate Alley (marked as Flounder Alley on the charts). Jim picked up a short, about 16 inches right off the bat. Then all we caught after that were skates and sharks. After a few hours, when the bay became a little calmer, we ran up to Miah Mall. The fishing was pretty slow here as well, but I did pick up an 18 inch keeper. The rest of the fish were skates. Since low tide was at around 3:40 we decided to stay out for a while, so we went back down the bay towards the Sixty Foot Slough. Not much happening here either, I got one little shark and that was it. We got back to the slip a little after 5:00PM.

Date - 05/06/2006 - From Capt Chris and Capt Dave M. - What a great day weather wise, and the fishing was OK also. For the first day of Summer Flounder we headed to the Miah Maul. We only landed one fluke, which was a keeper, on "Offshore Bites". Capt Dave and Chuck reported that they had 9 or 11 total, but only two keepers. The biggest fish were about 20 inches.

Date - 04/23/2006 - From Capt Dave M. - Chuck and me fished yesterday but did not have any luck. We were back at the same place we were last Saturday. It started to get real windy and dark so we headed for the dock. Right after we left the bite turned on and the boats that were there did real good. Hope to see you next weekend. If the weather is good we will probably fish just Saturday.

Date - 04/14/2006 From Capt Dave M. - We took the Tiramisu out for a shake down run. We fished the rips a little bit on Good Friday but we were mainly interested in how the new motor ran. Saturday Chuck and I got up early and ran up the bay looking for the striped ones. We made it to Tussys and had some good marks, so we dropped the hook. It didn't take long and Chuck was fighting the first Striper of the year. We landed that fish which was only 29 1/2 inches. Not too long Chuck had another one. That fish was 29 inches. Then the dog fish moved in so picked up the hook and went over to the dark side. Not much doing so we headed for the dock.
Chuck First Stripers of 2006

Date - 02/12/2006 - Currently there is about a foot of snow on the ground and it is still snowing. The boat is shrink wrapped and in winter storage. I need to go shovel out around the cars. Hopefully in April the boat will be in the water and the I'll have something to report on this page. For the most part we will be fishing in Cape May and reporting on our trips for Striper, Fluke, Flounder, and Bluefish.

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